What is Zephyr Payments?

Zephyr Payments is a community driven and funded project based around the Zephyr Protocol ecosystem with the goal of providing a privacy focused payment solution for merchants.

What are the benefits of using Zephyr Payments?

Zephyr Payments provides a fast, private and anonymous payment option with zero fees, currently not offered by any other crypto payment processor.

What information is stored?

We store payment information for 48 hours before permanently deleting it. This information includes payment ID, time and date, and amount. We keep this information in order for the merchant to be able to verify payment status.

How to integrate Zephyr Payments?

To learn more about integrating Zephyr Payments please check out our Integrate section.

What coins are supported?

Since we are based around the Zephyr Protocol ecosystem, the only supported coins for payments are ZEPH and ZSD.

Can payments be refunded?

Yes, in case you've sent the wrong amount we can refund you only within the first 48 hours.