Zephyr leverages the proven mechanics of the Djed Protocol while encapsulating the robust privacy features inherent to Monero

Secure Network

Zephyr uses a proof-of-work consensus mechanism with one of the fastest growing networks


Zephyr Payments mechanism can detect blockchain transactions within seconds while confirmation takes less than 2 minutes

Zephyr Merchant Payments

Zephyr Payments is a community driven project built around the Zephyr Protocol ecosystem with the goal of powering online payments for merchants.

Unlike other payment options, Zephyr Payments has zero fees, absolute privacy and fast confirmation speed.

Merchants can integrate Zephyr Payments with relative ease, with a single API call they can generate a payment page where consumers can pay invoices.



The Zephyr Protocol is a hybrid of a minimal Djed implementation combined with the privacy features of Monero. To understand how this works, it's important to understand the key features and functionality of the protocol:

A cornerstone of the Zephyr Protocol is its overcollateralization feature, which bolsters the stablecoin's stability. Overcollateralization means that the system holds more collateral in reserve than the total value of the stablecoins in circulation.

This overcollateralization ensures that there are always enough reserves to cover the circulating supply of the stablecoin.

This mechanism mitigates the risk of "bank runs," where a large number of users simultaneously withdraw their funds, potentially destabilizing the system.

Battle Tested

Before the inception of the Zephyr Protocol, the principles of the Djed protocol were successfully implemented and deployed in SigmaUSD, COTI's Djed and Milkomeda Djed Osiris Dollar (MOD), all proving the effectiveness of this unique approach to stablecoins.

All three previous deployments have established track records of maintaining stable value, despite the price volatility of their underlying reserve assets. They have showcased the strength of the Djed model in diverse blockchain ecosystems, which lends credibility to Zephyr’s adoption of the same principles.

Building on the several tried and true implementations of the Djed protocol, the Zephyr Protocol aims to take these proven strategies to the next level by integrating the privacy features of Monero. This hybrid approach represents a pioneering step in the stablecoin market, merging stability and privacy in a single, decentralized platform.